Figure Growth Proportion and Pose


This part of the subject has been kept distinct for the purpose of showing the special proportions and characteristics of the young.

A frequent cause of failure, resulting in the representation of children as merely " little grown ups," has been ignorance of the child's figure outline. Although the muscles, bones, and blocking arrangements are the same as for the adult, the proportions and pose of a child are different, and the successful representation of its figure depends upon these facts.

The different ages have been portrayed, and charts of measurements given as an aid to this somewhat difficult problem.

Figure Proportions of a Child (Plate 47).

Three diagrams are shown on this plate front, back, and side.

A shows four equal divisions and the proportion of the whole figure to these spaces in the first year of the child's life, the same in both sexes.

Girls at birth measure half a head shorter than boys, and continue growth proportionately.

B is back view with the same spacings.

C, side outline with the same spacings.

A child measures four head lengths at birth. Diagram represents a child of one year, who has attained the

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