When fingers are bent in to middle of palm, tendons on the back of the hand show strongly, but are not very marked in female hand. Tendons running through fingers and wrist connect with their several arm muscles and are classed under the name of each (Plate 13, Figs. 12 and 13).

The first three tendons on the back of the hand leave the most impression on the flesh markings (see Fig. 14).

All the muscles between the fingers are " lumbricales " (Fig. 13, E), and are attached to the bones of each metacarpal.

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The names of the muscles of the hands are as follows

F: Abductor minimi digiti, covering the pisiform bone, one of the carpi group ; sometimes prominent in wrist movement.

G: Flexor brevis minimi digiti, the small finger muscle.

H: Annular ligament.

/ : First dorsal interosseous.

K: Abductor pollicis.

N: Opponens pollicis.

L : Flexor brevis pollicis.

M: Abductor pollicis.

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