Styles of hairdressing have been many and varied, changing with the fashions of the time. The elaborate coiffure of the past (seen in Plate 29, Fig. 7), is in striking contrast with the shingled head of 1927 (see Plate 21).

The illustrated example on Plate 30 shows the mode of the waved hair with its blocking arrangement at the side and the representation of light hair. Its effect depends largely on lights and shadows (Plate 29, Fig. 1). Being three-quarter view, the bands of hair have been arranged for a slight vanishing effect.

No hard-and-fast line must be expressed, as it would not suit the nature of irregular masses of hair where crossing and recrossing will occur.

In deciding whether to represent light or dark hair in a drawing, due regard should be paid to the depth of tone on the figure. If dark, light hair would relieve any sense of heaviness ; if light, a small dark mass would strengthen it and give contrast.

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