There are several advantages to pen and ink sketching that make it one of the most popular techniques for retail advertising. The sharp contrasts of black and white reproduce to much better advantage than softer effects on newspaper stock of paper which is inclined to be absorbent. Also, the clear-cut quality of the lines is most effective for showing the details of a garment, and the sharp contrasts in values lends force to an advertisement and commands the attention of the reader.

There are various techniques in pen and ink sketching, such as simple outlines, accented lines, sketchy double lines, spatter work, detailed textures, Ben Day processes and many others. One should master the most simple method before attempting any of the more complicated. Just a plain even outline should be the first objective - a steady line that has an even value.

Before starting work, clear off your desk or table so you will have plenty of room; never work in a cramped crowded place. Roll up your sleeves so as to get a muscular movement in your arm. Use kid or slick finish Strath-more paper. Do not use thumb-tacks to keep your paper in place, but leave it free to be moved about in order to permit of the easiest possible movement in your strokes. You may even want to turn your paper upside down to draw some lines.

Now, sketch the figure and dress with a soft lead pencil in the manner previously explained. Heretofore we have been concerned only with the masses that compose the proportions of the body. Now consider the line itself and strive for perfection in it. If in places your sketch has three or four lines indicating an outline, erase all but one. Let there be only one line for each outline. Let your pencil

Keep the stopper in the ink bottle when not using the ink, or it will become thick from evaporation and difficult to use.

When a mistake is made in pen sketching, don't try to erase it. Chinese Reproduction White paint may be applied to the line or spot you want removed to prevent it from reproducing.

For practice work the following exercise is suggested: Draw some long curved lines in pencil on slick paper and practise following these lines as closely as possible in pen and ink.

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