The Mannequin Type of fashion figure, because it is very-extreme and abstract in feeling, is unpopular in retail advertising and is confined almost exclusively to magazine illustrating and poster work. However, the alert fashion artist must be familiar with the general proportions of this figure and should practise on several to acquire familiarity with the type. To do so,

Draw a vertical line, lengthwise, about ten inches long and mark off each inch.

In the first inch draw an egg-shaped oval for the head.

Drop down one-third of the second head for the shoulder line or pit of the neck. Draw a horizontal line three-quarters of a head wide on each side of this line for the width of the shoulders. The arms extend a little over this line.

The bust line is located at the second head mark. Youthful figures are sketched with high, pointed bust lines. Mature figures require a lower bust line.

One-half head down from the bust line is the waist line, which is seven-eighths head wide.

The hip line is at the three-and-one-half-head mark and is one and one-quarter heads wide. Decide upon the length of the figure at this point and start the legs at the fourth head.

The knees are half way between the hip line and ankles, and the two knees together are two-thirds head wide.

Half a head from the knee line are the calves of the legs which are about the width of the hip line..

This Mannequin Type of figure may be as tall as twelve heads, but is usually about nine or ten heads.

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