The female limb distinctly tapers towards the feet, much more so than in man. Also, as with the arm, it is decidedly rounder in section, and it has greater width at the knee. The exaggerated length of the fashion figure to some extent minimizes the tapering effect, and gives a slenderer form throughout. Due to the formation of the bones at knee and ankle, the contours of the two sides of the leg are not identical.

The foot, which is constructed of a series of arches, projects backwards at the heel, and in movement may be either in line with the leg, or parallel with the ground. The great toe dominates the fore part of the foot.


The mouth, or more properly the lips, forms a distinct mass superimposed on the mass of the face. It must not be rendered merely as a slit in the face. Conventionally, the upper lip is a Cupid's bow, but in fashion drawing the mouth requires rather special treatment, similar to that given to the eyes, in order that

the face may have character. The teeth, even in an open mouth, are seldom shown, except as a gleam of white.


In woman the neck is long, supple, and in shape almost cylindrical. There is a soft fullness at the throat, a hollow curve at the back, and the cartilage of the larynx (Adam's apple) is small and high. Graceful neck lines are a strong feature in fashion drawing.


The nose of a woman is narrow, flexible, and expressive. The Roman type with high bridge, is not much used in fashion illustration; a tip-tilted or straight one is preferred.


The pelvis, through its function of supporting the mass of the abdomen, is the key to the pose of the figure, and its position must always be fixed before the pose can be properly captured. In considering pose, it must be noted that the mass of the body must fall over the principal point of support.


The shoulders of the female figure may be either square or sloping, according to whether a masculine or feminine effect is desired. The shoulders are very mobile and capable of much expression. The close relation of the line of the shoulders with the line of the pelvis should be noted.

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