How to Draw the Figure

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Before you make a line you must have a clear conception of what you
want to draw. In your mind it is necessary to have an idea of what the figure
to be drawn is doing. Study the model from different angles. Sense the nature
and condition of the action, or inaction. This conception is the real beginning
of your drawing.

Give due consideration to the placing of your drawing

on the paper, for balance and arrangement.

Make two marks to indicate the length of the drawing.

Block in with straight lines the outline of the head. Turn
it carefully on the neck, marking its center by drawing
a line from the Adam's apple to the pit between the
collar bones.

From the pit of the neck make one line giving the direc-
tion of the shoulders, keeping in mind the marking of
its center, which should be the pit between the collar

Indicate the general direction of the body by outlining
to the hip and thigh, at its outermost point, the side that
carries the weight.

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Follow this by outlining the opposite inactive side of the
body, comparing the width with the head.

Then, crossing again to the action side of the figure, drop
a line to the foot. You now have determined the balance,
or equilibrium of the figure.

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