All artists should keep a clipping file of other artists ' work. Photographs should be included in the file. These clippings should be composed of sketches by artists skilled in some outstanding feature. For instance, select samples of Rhys for his excellence of detail; of Eric for his unusual poses. Seldom does one find an artist outstanding in everything; so let your clipping file be broad and contain samples of the good points of many artists' work.

These clippings are to be used for reference and suggestion, but not for copying. A good artist does not copy. Copying is not only unfair to the original artist, but it also retards the copyist's progress. Always strive for originality in your work.

Start immediately to collect clippings of fashion sketches, accessories, textures, backgrounds, etc. Your greatest sources of material will be newspapers, fashion magazines and posters.

File these clippings in folders in alphabetical order according to subject matter. For instance, the folders should be labelled somewhat as follows:


Action Poses



Corsets, Underwear

Evening Dresses


Fashion Drawing Sections

Part-1 Part-2