The lower limb, like the upper limb, is composed of three masses, the thigh, the leg, and the foot. The thigh extends from the hip to the knee, like the upper arm it has only one bone. The leg extends from the knee to the foot and like the fore-arm it has two bones. In the leg the bones are immovably united, while in the fore-arm they move freely, one on another. The thigh and leg diminish in thickness as they descend to the foot.

There is the presence of a reverse curve in the lower limb, extending the entire length from hip to foot.

The bones of the toes, like the bones of the fingers, are attached to a common center, like the ribs of a fan.

The inside of the foot is straighter than the outside. It is arched but follows a straighter line. The inside ankle is higher than the outside ankle.

The length of the foot and the fore-arm is the same.

The calf of the leg is the same width as the neck.

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