No artist, however clever, can compose a satisfactory and beautiful flow of drapery fines upon a stick, instead of on the figure. Nor would it be desirable to do so, when it is realized what beautiful lines can be formed upon the human form.

It is therefore necessary that careful thought should be given to the correct shape and proportion of the form, for it is upon these curves and undulating lines that true beauty in the design will reveal itself.

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With the full knowledge of the figure, its possibilities and limitations, it should not be difficult for the designer to arrange all close fitting, or restraining bands of drapery, to accord with an easy and natural movement of the figure.

The garment on this Plate represents a long-waisted, close-fitting evening dress, flowing out into folds at the hem. With the help of a little anatomy this should not prove difficult to portray, a few creases in the material allowing a look of easy fitting. The flowing lines of the skirt will show to best advantage in a seated position, where the projection of the knees will start points of attachment for beautiful radiating lines, forming into V shapes as drapery will when hanging from more than one point of suspension.

Any garment of ease should have flowing fines introduced, tending to give a look of rest and luxury.

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