The Lower Limbs The Legs (Plate 64).

The inward movement seen in a child's leg in the first few years of life (see Fig. 1) starts from the knee only. If sketched otherwise, the legs would appear " bandy."

In a standing position the legs are placed slightly apart and toes turn in, to keep a balance for the body, which is unsteady and sways about when the child is making its first attempt to walk at the age of about one year (see Fig. 2).

At the age of five, though still showing the plumpness and wrinkles of the first few years of life, the legs have developed more firmness in outline though the inward movement is still apparent (see Fig. 4 for girl's legs and Fig. 5 for boy).

In Fig. 3 there are the firmer lines of boyhood shown at the age of ten years, but not so fully developed as in the boy of fifteen (Fig. 8), with firm, strong, standing pose, still showing a faint suggestion of the inward movement of the knees, which never quite leaves the male legs.

At Fig. 6 the child of eight years still retains a touch of childhood in the plumpness of the flesh, but has lost the inward movement.

Fig. 7 shows the plump little legs of a child of seven years, the chubby feet and fat knees placing its age.

Fig. 9 has the slimness of girlhood at eighteen years of age. Pose, grace, and an easy balance are the characteristics.

The tendency of the female adult leg is to fall outwards from the knee, owing to the position of the pelvis bone.

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