The Hand Hand Comparison (Plate 55).

In the hand of the child comparative details are as follows.

Back view of a girl's hand of twelve years of age is shown at A as plump, but comparatively smooth, inclining to

Fashion Design Drawing - Child Hands 1.jpg

taper in the fingers. A boy's hand will retain its square appearance from birth (see C) until adult age, both in palm and finger tips. Wrists are the same proportions in all ages (see fine B), namely, from base of chin to nose.

The finger length of a child's hand at birth is one and a half times the breadth of palm ; in adult stage, about twice the breadth.

A very young child's hand is broad and plump, showing

dents where knuckle bones should fall (see C). The palm of a baby's hand is very wrinkled, the effect being an appearance of shortness (see D).

At birth a child's hand is about twice the length of its palm-breadth. At adult age it is two and a half times its palm-breadth (see Figs. D and E).

It will be seen from these figures that the fingers have grown more rapidly than the palm has broadened.

The palm of a young girl's hand of fifteen years of age is shown at E. Compare the smoother surface and the slim fingers with D.

Very young children do not grip objects with the same intelligence as in later years, and this characteristic, if correctly represented by the artist, adds to the quaint and childish appearance of the sketch.

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