The Arm The Arm (Plate 63).

In very young children the muscles of the arm are covered with rolls of fat, giving it a thick appearance. Fig. 1 shows the arm of a child of three years of age.

As a boy develops, his muscles become more defined in

Fashion Design Drawing - Child Arm 1.jpg

the arm, the wrist broadens and hands become square in form. (See Fig. 2, the arm of a boy at fourteen years of age.)

The muscles of a girl's arm are softer in outline, tapering to wrist, hands long and thin. Fig. 3 gives the outline of the arm at fourteen years of age.

Both sexes, between fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen, conform with adult formation of outline in their right proportion of growth.

Fig. 4 shows the male child's arm and its relation to the body.

Fig. 5, girl's arm and its relation to the body.

Fig. 6 gives drapery outline of soft woollen material on the arm of a young child.


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