sired, the seams must be stitched to within twice the depth of the finished hem, as illustrated in Fig. 130. Clip the seam at this point to the stitching, turn the lower edges toward the right side and stitch the remainder of the seam. Press open, turn the hem

to the right side, baste and featherstitch. Gather the top of the skirt, or, lay the fulness in an inverted plait at the


Pin the belt to the top edge, on the outside of the skirt with the marks indicating the middle of the belt and the middle of the skirt edge together, and the ends of the belt ex-

Fashion Design Drawing - Aprons And Flannel Petticoats 2.jpg

tending three-eighths of an inch beyond the hems of the placket. Distribute the gathers evenly, baste and backstitch the skirt to the belt. Turn the belt toward the wrong side, make a narrow turning on its wrong edge and hem it over the seam, covering the raw edges. Turn in each end of the belt three-eighths of an inch and finish with over-and-over stitches.

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