Although the Animated fashion figure is the type most popular for newspaper advertising and general use, the fashion artist should be familiar with the proportions of both the Animated and the Mannequin Types. The following proportions are for an animated figure in a symmetrical pose, front view, to illustrate more clearly the correct locations of the parts of the body. Copy this figure exactly, including all the guide lines, and keep it in your permanent file.

The average person will find it easier to draw from left to right and from top of the paper down, but you may proceed in any manner you prefer. As the head is the most useful unit for measuring a figure, it will be used as a measuring unit for all other proportions. One speaks of a figure as being so many heads tall. The human figure is seven and one-half heads tall, whereas a fashion figure is from eight to ten heads tall. The Animated Type of fashion figure is about eight and three-quarters heads tall.

First, draw a vertical line lengthwise through the center of your drawing paper.

Construct an egg-shaped oval at the top of this line with the larger part of the oval at the top. This represents the head.

Mark off eight heads on the vertical line, numbering each head on the left of the page, i.e.: 1st Head, 2nd Head, etc. As you fill in the proportions mark in the identifications on the right-hand side, i.e. Shoulder-line, 'waist-line, etc.


Drop down one-half of the second head for the shoulder line. Here, too, is located the pit of the neck. The shoulders should be approximately one and three-quarters head wide. The arms extend slightly over this mark.

The neck is about one-third of a head in width, and the lines of the neck are drawn parallel in a front view.

One-eighth head down from the second head mark is the bust line. Strive for a youthful, uplift feeling in the bust.

The waistline is at the two and three-quarters head mark and is one head wide.

At three and one-third heads is the abdomen.

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